Star Series

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The Star series is a development from the Clay Prints fused with the Still series. They are in essence very large clay prints apparently held onto their backing by delicate, brightly coloured threads. The clay represents the individual and the cotton represents the constraints of society.

The concerns of the position of the individual in society is expressed by the way that the threads support but also cut into the clay elements which emphasises both the supporting role of society on the individual and its tendency to suppresses individuality.

The later two pieces show a movement into the viewer’s space as the clay bends away from the wall which drags its supporting fabric with it causing bulging, hinting at forces hidden beneath both the clay and the fabric. This links to an interest in nature as the movements of magma inside the Earth’s core causes bulging on the Earth’s crust. The original state of the clay as earth and therefore part of Earth’s crust is emphasised as it seems to be broken by the movements below it, just as volcanic activity makes its mark on the surface of Earth.

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