Wall Pieces

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A lot of Jon Hurley’s work is on the wall. These pieces are specifically called wall pieces because they are about the piece’s engagement with the wall and the way that they appear to be held to the wall. They seem either to be bolted or sewn to the wall which in both cases draws attention to the weight of the ceramic piece. In the sewn pieces it is the concern that the thread is not strong enough to hold the ceramic to the wall which draws the viewers’ attention to the weight of it. In the bolt pieces the ceramics weight is emphasised by the extreme of using bolts to attach it to the wall.

It is the way in which these ceramics are mounted on the wall which makes the viewer perceive them as pieces comprised of a number of elements rather than a number of separate pieces. The wall could be seen as society as it is the glue which brings these separate elements together as one piece just as society is the glue which holds individual people together.

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